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CHITA IS THE CAPITAL CITY OF TRANSBAIKAL REGION and it is located over 6000 kilometers away from Moscow. Time difference between Chita and Moscow is 6 hours (Chita time: GMT+9). The city is located at the confluence of Ingoda and Chita rivers and is surrounded by wooded hills. With an estimated 2017 population of Chita city is 347,088 people. Land area of Chita city of about 530 square kilometers, from the west of Chita is fenced off by the slopes of the Yablonovy Ridge, and from the east by the Chersky Range. Lake Kenon is located within the city. Chita was founded in 1653. According to one of the most popular versions, the Cossack Peter Beketov founded the Chita Fortress. In 1851 Chita acquired the status of the city, and the status of the administrative center of the same area was received in 1937. After the referendum in 2008 and the annexation of the Agin-Buryat Autonomous Region, Chita was named the main city of the Transbaikal region.

Chita is a multi-confessional city, where residents respect the traditions of different ethnic groups. The Nationalities Assembly of Transbaikalia acts here. Buryats, Evenks, Tatars, Bashkirs, Kirghiz and the list of nationalities can be continued for a long time. All of them rightly consider themselves Transbaikalians and they are proud of the fact that Transbaikalia has become their home. Everyone has different roots, traditions, culture, but the desire for peace throughout the world unites them. Having united in one club, multinational youth of the Transbaikal region takes a course towards the creation of a society based on equality and interethnic harmony.

Chita is a modern city. In recent years, the image of the Transbaikal capital city has changed significantly. In the first decade of the new century Chita became a member of the Association of Siberian and Far Eastern cities, the Congress of municipalities of the Russian Federation and the Union of Historical Cities. In 2004, Chita became a laureate of the national award "For Decent Affairs – grateful Russia", and in 2005 – won the All-Russian competition for economic development "Golden Ruble" in the Siberian Federal District. The food and processing industries are developing. The material base of educational, sports, health and cultural institutions is being updated. During this period, the Orthodox Christian Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God and the Buddhist Datsan were erected.

Chita is a sports city. It is interesting that - according to statistics - every fourth Chita citizen regularly goes in for sports. About 13 thousand children and adolescents, (that is 25% of children and adolescents of the total number of young Chita residents aged of 6-15 years) are engaged in 18 children's and youth sports schools of the city and in 30 kinds of sports. The holding of different sports festivals has become traditional in Chita. The following sports are developed in our city: archery, football, boxing, athletics, volleyball, badminton, sports tourism, karate, figure skating and hockey.

Chita is a cultural city. Chita is one of the cultural centers of Siberia. In Chita there are a significant numbers of monuments of architecture and ancient town planning, archeology and history. The Mikhail-Arkhangel church (1771), in which the Decembrists’ museum is located, is a unique monument of wooden architecture of the XVIII century. In 1871 the first private library was opened in the city, in 1895 - the museum of local history, and in 1907 - the drama theater. Without any exaggeration we may say that some creative teams of Chita are world-known. They are: the Theater of National Cultures "Transbaikal uzory" and folklore theater "Transbaikalie", the ensemble of Russian folk instruments named after N.P. Budashkin, regional drama theater, song and dance ensemble "Transbaikal Cossacks".

Chita is a city of active youth. The city has a large number of sports grounds and places for outdoor activities. In particular, there are sports centers where you can play hockey or skate. Also one can find many ice rinks, swimming pools, city parks with attractions. For lovers of dynamic activities, there are a rope park, a motor sport track (motocross), a racetrack.