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Airport: From the airport you can take a taxi to the city center, the way time is 30 minutes, taxi fare is 350 rubles (6 dollars). The airfare from Chita to Irkutsk (neighboring city)  is 5000 rubles, about 87 dollars (the flight time is 80 minutes), from Chita to Moscow – 18,000 rubles, about 300 dollars (the flight time – 6 hours).

Railway station: The railway station is in the city center. The price of train ticket from Chita to Irkutsk is 4000 rubles, about $ 70 (the way time is 18 hours), from Chita to Moscow – 10,000 rubles, about 175 dollars (the way time – 3 days and 19 hours).



Trolleybus: The fare is 20 rubles, about $ 0.3. You can pay using a bank card (only MasterCard).



 Taxi: If you try to order a taxi it will be better to make a call phone (210-000, 333-333, 209-209), to use taxi mobile app (for example, such the app as Maxim: order a taxi).  Now it is difficult to catch a taxi on the streets of the city. The taxi fare is 17 rubles ($ 0.3) per1 km. риолрлллргр гргг ггг ггг ггг


Bus (shuttle bus): The fare is 25 rubles, about $ 0.4.




In Chita city, there are about 50 restaurants and cafes in which Russian, European, Caucasian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Italian, Mongolian and Buryat cuisine are represented.



The average restaurant bill is about 700 rubles (13 dollars); //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////     


The average bill - 250 rubles (business lunch), (4.5 dollars). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Сoffee house:

The average bill is 400 rubles (7 dollars).




In Chita, you can use the services of such banks as SBERBANK, VTB BANK, RUSSIAN AGRICULTURAL BANK, ORIENT EXPRESS BANK, ASIAN-PACIFIC BANK. In Russia, the holders of China UnionPay (CUP) payment cards can receive cash in ATMs, as well as pay for goods and services. Payment cards CUP in Chita serves the bank VTB24. The best exchange rate is in the Asia-Pacific Bank (yuan, dollars). By the way, you can issue a bank card "Mir" (a card of the Russian payment system).


According to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, all foreign citizens who are on the territory of the Russian Federation and engaged in labour activities must complete an insurance medical policy. The cost of an insurance policy for a year is 2500 rubles.