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The mountain range Kodar (wall) is an amazingly beautiful structure. Kodar is sometimes called "The small Transbaikal Himalayas", because the mountains are sharply uplifting the Charskaya valley.


Charskaya valley (or Charskie Sands) is a "natural wonder", a desert in the middle of marshes and taiga. This miracle received the status of a natural geological monument. There is no analogue of the Charskaya desert in the whole world.

The Alkhanay national park are the mountain ranges, healing mineral springs, a forest, a valley of desires’ fulfillment, the majestic "Temple of the Gates" and the "Mother's Cup". These places attract to themselves because they are connected with the name of the great Genghis Khan and the history of northern Buddhism.

Haatei caves are two caves located in the middle of the Aginsk steppe. The Haatei-Mokraya Cave or Ice Cave makes the greatest impression. These are ice stalactites, stalagmites, columns and frost.

  In the vicinity of Chita there are many beautiful places: the Sokhondinsky and Daursky nature reserves, national parks; Ivano-Arakhley lakes, Lake Arey, Barun-Torei Lake, etc.