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Monuments of Chita architecture is a special kind of cultural heritage. Among them - the Shumov’s Palace, the most beautiful building of Chita, was built by the association of merchants-gold miners of the Shumov brothers in the early XX century and this Palace was among the candidates for inclusion in the list of "Miracles of Russia".

The Church of Michael the Archangel is a temple built in the XVIII century and the oldest building in the city. Also it is called the Church of the Decembrists, because some of the Decembrists, who were exiled to Chita at the beginning of the 19th century after organizing an uprising on the Senate Square in St. Petersburg, were married in this Orthodox Church.

Kazan Cathedral - one of the largest cathedrals in Siberia, it was built in 2001 and consecrated in 2004.

Local History Museum named after A.K. Kuznetsov – one of the oldest museums in Siberia and the Far East. More than a century this museum is the largest center of the spiritual life of the city and the region.

There are a lot of natural attractions, for example, Titovskaya Sopka – a former volcano. Many archaeological evidences of various periods, beginning from the Stone Age (about 35 thousand years ago) and ending with the first Cossack settlements, were discovered here. At the foot of the hill on the observation platform stands the Chapel of St. Alexander Nevsky. A wonderful view of the city opens from this place.