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International Student Admission   


  1. Copy of passport or other identity document and notarized translation to Russian. 

  2. Certificates and diplomas, copies of diplomas/certificates and notarized translation to Russian. 

  3. Transcript(s), copies of transcript(s) and notarized translation to Russian. 

  4. Certificate of Russian Proficiency Level (TORFL - The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language): 

  •  TORFL Level 1 certificate - bachelor degree programs; 
  •  TORFL Level 2 certificate - master degree programs; 
  •  TORFL Level 3 (4) certificate - postgraduate programs. 

5. Application form (Russian language course bachelor degree program / master degree program / postgraduate program).  

  6. Six color photos. Photo must be 30x40 mm (3x4 cm).        



Tuition Fee: according to the Order of Transbaikal State University № 100 dated 28.03.2017 University is giving international students 10 percent discount on tuition fee (2017/2018 academic year). See below.
Accommodation Fee: 2500 rub /month (International Students Dormitory).

  Majors and tution fees:

Note: if you have not TORFL certificate, international students can enter the Preparatory Faculty (the Russian language course). This program provides a General Russian Language Course and helps students to enter the University.
Duration of study: one (two) semester(s) or one year. 
Tuition Fee: one semester courses - 37500 rub. After graduation the Preparatory Faculty international students can pass TORFL in the Testing Center of foreign citizens of Transbaikal State University. If student can pass this test successfully, he or she will obtain an appropriate certificate and will be able to apply for bachelor degree, master degree or postgraduate programs and to enter the Transbaikal State University.


1. TORFL - Elementary - 6000 rub;

2. TORFL - Basic - 6300 rub;

3. TORFL - Intermediate - 6300 rub;

4. TORFL - Advanced - 6600 rub;

5. TORFL - Proficiency - 6800 rub;

6. TORFL - Fluency - 6800 rub.