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Address: 672039,Russia,Chita,Barguzinskaya Str,49.
Phone: 8(3022)41-73-13, Website: energo.zabgu.ru
Dean:  Sergey Phylippovich Miroshnikov

  • Chair of Electricity and Electrical Engineering (E&EE)
  • Chair of Thermal Power Plants (TPP)
  • Chair of Chemistry(Chemistry)
  • Chair of Applied Computer Science and Mathematics(ACSM)
  • Chair of Economics and Management at power plants (EMPP)
  • Chair of Informatics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (ICSAM)
  • Chair of Mathematics(CM)
  • Chair of Physics (CP)
  • Chair of drawing and descriptive geometry (CDDG)
  • Preparations are being made for the following profiles of higher education: the thermal power plants, electricity, electromechanics, electric power networks and systems, the software computer technology and automated systems, computers, systems, complexes and networks, applied informatics,chemistry.