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Address:  Chita, Zhuravleva, 48.
Monday – Friday from 08-30 h. to 17-30 hours,
Phone. 32-30-97, ffk_zabgu@mail.ru

           Faculty Dean – Vitaly Klimentievich Gebert

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport trains bachelors on directions:

  • 44.03.01 Pedagogical education profile "Physical Education”
  • 49.03.01 Physical education profile "Sports training"
  • 49.03.02 Physical education for persons with disabilities in the state of health (Adaptive physical education) profile "Adaptive physical education"


Biomedical bases of physical training (BBPT) - head chairman CM(Candidate of Medicine), associate professor E.V. Alphonsova.,

  • The Theoretical Foundations of Physical Education (TFPE) — head of the chair candidate of pedagogical sciences E.I. Ovchinnikova;
  • Physical Education — head of  the chair candidate of pedagogical sciences V.V. Borisov,
  • Sports disciplines — head of the chair candidate of pedagogical sciences  V.S.Astafjev.