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Faculty of Mining (FM)

Address:672039,Chita, Gorky Str. 28, b. 1

Dean of the Faculty:
      Pavel Borisovich Avdeev

Phone: 26 02 40,

E-mail: chita-apb@yandex.ru

At present,  the Mining Faculty has six Graduate Departments:

  • Underground development of mineral deposits;
  • Open pit mining;
  • Enrichment of minerals and secondary raw materials;
  • Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology;
  • The Basic Department of Geophysics;
  • Economics of mining and exploration.

Mining Faculty trains specialists in three specialties of mining profile with the rank of "Mining engineer":

  • 210504 "Mining"
  • 210502 "Applied Geology"
  • 210503"Technologies of geological exploration"