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Аddress: 672039,Chita,  Аlexandro-Zavodskaya Str, 30, parlor. 411.

Phone: 8(3022) 21-88-28, 8(3022) 21-88-29.

 E-mail: zaochka.zabgu@yandex.ru. Dean -  Yuri Ivanovich Zinoviev.

  Preparations are under way in the directions:


  1. Economics, profile:
  • Accounting, analysis and audit
  • Economy of companies and organizations (in mining and exploration)
  • Finances and Credit
  1. Management, profile:
  • Finance Management
  • Production management (in mining and exploration)
  1. HR Management
  2. State and municipal management
  3. Thermal Engineering and heat engineering
  4. 4.    Power and Electrical Engineering
  5. Operation of transport and technological machines and systems, the profile:
  • Cars and car economy
  • Service of transport and transport and technological machines and equipment.
  1. Technology of transport processes, the profile:
  • Organizing and safety of traffic
  • Organization and management on motor transport
  1.  Information and Communication Technologies and communication systems, the           profile:
  • Optical systems and networks
  • Digital Broadcasting and  Broadcasting
  1. Computer Science and Engineering, profile:
  • Software computer technology and automated systems
  1. Construction, profile:
  • Industrial and civil construction
  • Highways and airports
  • Expertise and real estate management
  1. Environmental Engineering and water use, profile:
  • Land reclamation and land conservation
  1. Technosphere safety, profile:
  • Protection in Emergencies
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Speciality
  1. 1.     Applied Geology (search for underground water and geological engineering survey)
  2. 2.      Mining (mineral processing, open pit mining, underground mining of ore deposits).
  3. 3.     Land transport and technological means (lifting, building, road vehicles and equipment).