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Address: 672039,Chita,Alexandro-Zavodskaya Str,h.30 
Phone/Fax: (3022)41-66-82
Mode of operation: 9:00-17:00,lunch:13:00-14:00
E-mail: acbt12@mail.ru


Dean Yuri Mikhailovich Kon

Departments: Construction (Cnst),

Strength of Materials and Mechanics (SM&М),

of Physical Education (PE),

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (WR&EE),

Safety and Livelihoods (S&L),

Technospheric Safety   (TS).

Training of students is conducted on two-tier system "Bachelor - Master" in the following areas:

  • 021600 "Hydrometeorology";
  • 280700 "Technosphere safety";
  • 250400"Technology of logging and wood processing industries";
  • 270800 "Construction";
  • 280100 "Environmental Engineering and Use of Water"